Wednesday, September 30, 2009

安揉 Anjuu - Rich Soborowicz's furniture

In Seattle Washington, there is an outfit called NW Fine Woodworking that makes some pretty amazing stuff.  This post started off as just a "gush" about how much I liked the looks of one of their studio furniture maker's works: Rich Soborowicz's, some of which he calls "Anjuu". Pictured is the Anjuu Chest of Drawers from their website, from a full line of bedroom furniture that he makes..  Made of maple, birdseye maple, rosewood and bubinga - I think it is pretty.  Of course, given that a lot of his work has a Japanese flavor, I *had* to find out what Anjuu meant.  The most popular English translation is "living peaceably" The two characters, An and Juu are interesting too.
An () is composed of two parts, onna () which means woman/female and ben () which means shaped crown.  So the kanji of a woman wearing a crown (An) means: relax, quiet, rested, contented, peaceful.
Juu () has 4 different components (one of which () means tree) but the composite character (Juu) means: rub, massage, shampoo, debate vigorously, train, coach, worry.
So, a well cared for woman, treated royally means "living peaceably".  I rather like that.  Puts me in mind of the phrase "She Who Must Be Obeyed" (SWMBO) which is often used online to refer to one's spouse.
The best way to achieve the state of "living peaceably" might be to get your SWMBO a bedroom set made by Rich!  Hehehe
 Ok, a huge digression, but not one that distracts too much from my main point (I hope) which is: if you live anywhere near Seattle, you owe it to yourself to take a look at their gallary of fine work.  Tomorrow begins their "Maker's Mark" events, the best part of which is that the artists / artisians will be available for Q & A every Saturday and Sunday in October, from Noon to 3pm.

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