Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dovetail Saw, replacing a broken handle.

The web is a great resource for woodworkers - I got a fairly nice unlabeled old Dovetail saw from a garage sale / tag sale very inexpensively - because the handle was broken. Web to the rescue!
Here are some good resources for replacing the handle on any saw, but most especially smaller back saws that have a stiffener down the spine / back of the blade.
This family operation is only 14 miles away from me & are medium famous for their great saws.
Also available as a PDF, this guy shows you how to make a complete backsaw from scratch!

Note that the handle pictured isn't mine, just my personal favorite of all those I saw (snork) and what I aspire to.

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P E D D E R said...


wow, that was exciting to find my second ever made handle as Your favorite! More of my handle odysee can be seen on my blog:

The full story behind this handle:

Cheers Pedder